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Wichita, High Touch Look to San Antonio for Growth and Development

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San Antonio City-to-City Wichita flag groupPeer learning doesn’t have to be reserved for a classroom setting.

Each year, the Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce gathers city council members and business leaders for its City-to-City Leadership Visit. Since 2006, the Chamber has organized this annual trip to expose the Wichita community to the successes and challenges of other cities. Through this program, Wichita leaders can gain insight on how to successfully organize innovative projects and institute best practices for regional growth. This year, High Touch President and CEO Derrick Nielsen hitched a ride with the group.

In the past, the program has arranged visits with cities like Boise, Nashville, and Austin. This year, the program trekked south to San Antonio.

High Touch’s San Antonio Footprint

Derrick had a unique interest in this particular trip, given High Touch’s existing presence in the city.

“This was an intriguing opportunity to learn about San Antonio’s business community from an entirely different perspective,” states Nielsen. “Diving further into San Antonio’s economic development success shines light on our potential business development opportunities in the region.”

High Touch entered the San Antonio market in 2015. A short drive from our Corpus Christi office, the strategic move allowed us to rapidly expand our services in the South Texas area. We were able to provide excellent, growth-minded service to existing customers while marketing our services in a new area.

Derrick in San Antonio City-to-City

Andy Schlapp of Wichita State University, Derrick Nielsen, and Maryann Balbo of Cox Communications (photo courtesy of Wichita Chamber)

Through our key purpose of, “bringing the human touch to technology,” we’ve been able to develop exciting partnerships in San Antonio. Our growing list of San Antonio clients includes the Alamo, Bill Miller Bar-B-Q, and Mission Park Funeral Chapels and Cemeteries.

In addition, High Touch is actively engaged in the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, and North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce. Recently, we opened a new office at 7800 IH-I0 West, Suite 123.

Making a City-to-City Connection

The Chamber’s City-to-City program allows Wichita leaders to learn from peers who have navigated similar city development challenges. Through this program, community leaders hear the stories of how other cities have engineered success, then take that knowledge back to Wichita and improve the community.

Cities like San Antonio have experienced tremendous growth over recent years. As an example, Wichita is trying to emulate the success of San Antonio’s River Walk development through the current Riverfront Legacy Master Plan.
Derrick Nielsen in San Antonio
“We made a commitment to Wichita when High Touch moved downtown in 2008,” states Nielsen. “The new riverfront development will basically be at our front door. I’d like to see how we can help make that project a success.”

This year, the program’s participants had the opportunity to choose from one of three information tracks: economic development, mental health and homelessness, and education. With High Touch’s visible role in Wichita’s downtown resurgence, Derrick participated in the economic development track. Through these tracks, the participants explored themes such as regional economic development, workforce development, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

High Touch and the Community

Our mission is to provide the best technology, products, and service to exceed our clients’ expectations, offering meaningful and rewarding careers for our employees, and enriching our community, every day. Programs like the City-to-City Leadership Visit help us understand how we can use our skills to better carry out this mission.

Learn More About Our Community Involvement

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