Have you started putting together your spring cleaning to-do list? While you’re dusting off the cobwebs at home, don’t forget about the ones in your office.

Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity and reminder to give your technology a little bit of extra attention. A clean desk is a happy desk, right? Here are eight easy technology tips to make sure your workspace and workstation are in tip-top shape.

spring cleaning tips

1. Clean Your Keyboard.

For many of us, winter equates to spending more time inside. That means eating lunch at your desk instead of trekking out in the cold. How many crumbs are hibernating under your keys? Winter also means there’s more dust settling, and you’re carrying in more pet hair from the extra static in the dry air. Food crumbs, pet hair, and dust all have a way of sneaking below the keys on your keyboard. Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity for you to clean it out.

Keyboard cleaning is a pretty straightforward task, just make sure you unplug it before you get started. You can use canned air to spray out any debris, then use disinfecting cloths to wipe away any gunk from the surface. Who knows, maybe you’ll even increase your typing speed after you clean out all that junk.

2. Take an Application Inventory.

Typically, spring cleaning involves going through your pantry, checking expiration dates, and seeing if anything has spoiled. Or, going through your closet and clearing out all the clothes you haven’t touched in the past year. Consider doing the same with the software applications you have installed on your computer.

Software applications can be expensive. They also take up valuable resources on your workstation. During your day-to-day work, create a list of the applications you use. After a couple of months, reconcile your list against the application library on your computer. This will help you identify subscriptions you can cancel and applications that you can delete to free up space on your workstation.

In addition, this list will help you identify ways in which you can improve your application management. There may be new software on the market that consolidates multiple applications that you use. There could be software that’s similar to the one you’re using, but adds productivity features. Maybe, you’ll find that it’s time to create a custom software solution for your business.

3. Test Your Backups.

The worst time to realize your backup solution has failed is when you need it the most.

Unfortunately, this happens all too often. Systems fail, and then all of a sudden, you’re hunting for the backup files you stored five years ago. Complete defeat happens when you realize that backup has failed too.

Don’t let complete defeat happen to you. Spring can be the perfect reminder that it’s time to inspect and refresh your data backup solution. Even more so, it’s the perfect time to reevaluate your overall storage needs. You might realize that your data backup is almost full. In that case, it’s either time to start cleaning or time to upgrade your data backup and recovery solution.

4. Clean Your Downloads Folder.

How many items do you download a day? How about in a week? When making the calculation in your head, make sure you consider everything:

  • Documents
  • Pictures
  • Software updates
  • Spreadsheets
  • Calendar appointments
  • PowerPoint presentations

If you check your downloads folder, the number of files might surprise you. Cleaning up this folder can help free up space on your computer and help you organize important documents. This spring, take the time to save the essential items in your downloads folder, and delete the files you’ll never need.

5. Clean Your Surveillance Camera Lenses.

Having a surveillance system provides great protection. It benefits your business by preventing theft, providing evidence in case of vandalism, managing your business’s productivity, controlling your inventory, and more.

However, if the camera lens is dirty, it’ll be more difficult for the surveillance camera to do its job. While you’re spring cleaning around the office, don’t forget to clean up high. In case of an event, you want to make sure you’ll be able to see what happens on your surveillance camera. The footage won’t be nearly as effective if you can’t see through fingerprints and dust. Refer to your camera manufacturer’s instruction manual for more information about cleaning the lens.

6. Clean Your Customer Data.

Customer data can make or break your business. It’s how you support existing clients. It’s how marketing and sales teams reach new customers. It’s the database that keeps your customer relations in motion.

It’s important that you keep your customer information up-to-date. Spring is a great opportunity to touch base with your existing customers to verify contact information like email addresses, mailing addresses, and phone numbers. It’s also an effective way to ensure your primary business contacts are still employed. Finally, cleaning up your customer data is an opportunity to check in with your existing customers to see if there are any additional products you can provide.

7. Give Your Website an SEO Check Up.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the science of writing, organizing, and indexing your webpages in a way that allows search engines like Google to analyze, match, rank, and determine context. Here’s the difficult part—search engines make frequent changes to their search algorithms. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t have the opportunity to update their website content nearly that often.

Spring cleaning is a good reminder to go through your website, and make sure it’s up-to-date with the most recent SEO guidelines.

8. Recycle Your Old Hardware.

Did you get new hardware over the holiday season? Maybe you took advantage of the Section 179 tax credit and made some necessary upgrades for your business.

If there’s a clunky old workstation taking up space in your office, consider donating it to a local organization. Not only will this help you clean up your office, but you can make a difference in the community too. If donation isn’t an option for your business, many hardware manufacturers also offer recycling programs.

Note: Healthcare, financial services, and other compliance-based businesses must destroy data when recycling or donating hardware. It’s a good idea for any business to clear all data when recycling or donating hardware, but healthcare and compliance-based businesses have more at stake. These businesses can face expensive fines or jail time for not erasing sensitive data. If you plan to donate or recycle your hardware, be sure to acquire a data destruction certificate first. Many recyclers offer this certificate as part of the service for free or a nominal fee.

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