Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Are you looking for an easier way to leverage your customer contact details? A CRM can help. Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Acumatica, you can streamline your internal, client-related processes from lead > opportunity > quote > customer > invoice > marketing.

At High Touch Technologies, we’re experts in CRM software. We support a wide array of CRM clients worldwide, including single users and enterprise-sized companies. With over 20 years of CRM experience, we’re well equipped to help you integrate a new or maintain an existing CRM solution.

CRM Software Services

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365. Dynamics 365 marries the best of Microsoft’s ERP and CRM offerings in one cloud-based service. Using Dynamics 365, you can provide specific, purpose-built applications for key business process like sales, field service, operations, and customer service.
  • Acumatica. A full suite of ERP and CRM business management applications that delivers true cloud technology and mobile capabilities.
  • Acumatica On-Premise. Locally installed suite of business management applications with ERP and CRM capabilities.
Customer Relationship Management

Why High Touch?

Our size and experience allow us to:

  • Take a unique, personalized approach to implementing and managing your CRM software.
  • Select specialized teams and project managers for your business and industry.
  • Provide training onsite or at our Kansas City-area training center.

CRM Software Training

We understand that training is important to you. High Touch can provide training services onsite or host sessions at our training center.

CRM Benefits

Organizing your customer data using a CRM solution allows you to streamline customer service, marketing, and sales efforts.

Customer Service

  • Respond to important customer service requests more efficiently.
  • Simplify contract management to easily revise customer contracts.
  • Collaborate with other employees to track and monitor project tasks while sharing knowledge.
  • Quickly respond to customer requests from any web-enabled device
  • Take advantage of built-in scheduling tools to manage customer appointments.
  • Set up service calendars to track and monitor time spent with customers.
  • Automatically escalate issues and approvals.


  • Import data and lists from outside sources and export lists for email or direct mail campaigns.
  • Efficiently manage customer information.
  • Use queries to segment your customers, prospects, and leads into meaningful categories.
  • Create targeted lists for individual marketing campaigns.
  • Plan and track activities associated with each campaign.
  • Tailor messages and offers to specific lists.
  • Create internet landing pages for campaigns without code knowledge.
  • Create trigger rules for customer responses and automate lead scoring.
  • Coordinate your marketing and sales efforts on a single platform.
  • Use predictive analysis to gain insight into new emerging trends.


  • Set up territorial parameters so your sales staff can communicate with the right customer.
  • Improve offer management by creating pricelists, discounts, and unit groups.
  • Create and monitor customized offers for individual opportunities.
  • Post sales methods in the Resource Center, so your entire sales staff can utilize the best practices for engaging customers.
  • Track your competitors to help stay ahead of the game.
  • Find relationships between customers and activities to help increase productivity.
  • Utilize proposal creation tools to streamline the process.
  • Establish predefined workflows for consistency across the organization.
  • Quickly identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.
  • Identify key trends and track your sales pipeline for improved financial planning.
  • Automatically assign or create tasks based on predefined rules.
  • Set alerts for key events or milestones.
  • Automate approvals for predefined workflows.
  • Rapidly respond to customer requests with the use of CRM on any web-enabled device.

CRM Solution Optimization and Implementation

CRM solutions

  • Marketing software. Track and measure campaigns over multiple channels.
  • Software for appointments. Make scheduling appointments a breeze.
  • Software for small business. Integrate emails, documents, jobs, faxes, and scheduling into one system.
  • Software for your customers. Create, assign, and manage requests made by customers.

CRM software individual services

  • Architecture review
  • Design review
  • Customization review
  • Performance review
  • Health check
  • Performance tuning

CRM software grouped services

  • Project governance and delivery review
  • Upgrade review


High Touch is our regular provider for maintenance and problem solving for our IT outsourcing. When we needed to upgrade our Microsoft CRM again, they organized a plan for us, and then worked with another company that had the necessary expertise to complete the upgrade smoothly and efficiently. We have been through this process several times in the past, and some of those experiences were absolute nightmares. This time? We experienced no problems, and the entire process was very smooth. Throughout the upgrade process, we had excellent communication about each step, each person did their part when needed, all testing and questions were answered, and we had no issues when going live. They have continued to follow up to make sure things are running smoothly as well. I would absolutely recommend High Touch for upgrading your software, converting your info, customization work, and your IT systems in general.

Darci AndersenFinancial and Operations Manager