Operating a business in a remote work environment requires technology tools to be successful. Technology is constantly evolving—new hardware and software are always being developed to help companies navigate our ever-changing world.

With more businesses transitioning to working remotely, more tools are becoming widely available and affordable for small and medium-sized businesses to adopt. As we continue to explore our capabilities as a business with a growing remote workforce, here are nine tools we’ve found to be essential for functioning in a remote workplace.

Why Do I Need More Advanced Technology Tools?

work from homeThe basics are great. Tools like Skype, Dropbox, and instant messaging have been around and in use by remote workplaces for a while. However, as great as these basic tools are, they’re more for use on a personal level, not a business level.

Newer, more collaborative tools give businesses the advanced features and security they need to be successful while working remotely. With other businesses already adopting these tools, you don’t want your business to be left in the dust.

Essential Technology Tools for Businesses Working Remotely

1. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A virtual private network allows devices on a less-secure residential or public network to safely transfer files and data over a secured, private internet connection. With VPNs in place, your employees can safely share and access important information they need to get their jobs done.

2. VoIP Phones

VoIP phone systems are internet and network-based. A VoIP phone system can either be an on-premise system that you own on your internal network or a cloud-based system that is hosted off-site at a data center.

VoIP phones have the same features you would expect from an in-office telephone system, including audio, web, and video conferencing; desktop and web collaboration applications; integrated instant messaging; mobile phone call forwarding; and desktop and mobile softphone.

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3. Microsoft Azure

Azure is a cloud computing service that provides remote access to the technology services, tools, and infrastructure employees use in the office every day. Azure provides over 100 applications and services to enable your remote workforce, including virtual machines, virtual desktops, application development tools, networking, and more.

4. Custom Software Integrations

With more reliance on software applications to get your job done, custom integrations, which allow different software systems to communicate with one another, are more important than ever.

An Application Programming Interface (API) provides a set of definitions and protocols that software users can use to create custom integrations and middleware. For example, adding a daily weather forecast from weather.com to your landscaping company’s website. With our software development expertise, High Touch helps companies develop custom solutions to help make things easier.

5. eCommerce Tools

With more people working and shopping online, businesses are looking for new ways to reach their customers via the internet. To monetize their operations, businesses are focusing on online storefronts, online service sales, fundraising websites, search engine optimization, and business listing management.

6. Cloud Data Backup

As a business operating in a remote environment, cloud data backup is essential. With cloud backup, your files are safe and secure, available from anywhere, anytime you need them.

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7. Virtual Collaboration Tools

video call remote collaborationVirtual collaboration tools, like Microsoft Teams and Slack, give businesses tools to keep collaborating, producing, and performing.

These tools have features that allow employees to work together, even when working from across the country, including instant messaging, voice calling, video conferencing, screensharing, live event hosting, and file sharing.

8. Endpoint Detection and Recovery (EDR)

With EDR, you protect your network-connected devices, no matter where they’re located. EDR works by monitoring your devices in real-time to detect cyberattacks, isolate infected machines, alert administrators, and remove cyberthreats.

9. Remote Technical Support

Supporting your workforce while they work remotely can be a challenge. As part of our Remote IT Management services, High Touch offers 24/7/365 technical support services to accommodate the flexibility of the remote workplace.

Questions About Remote Workplace Technology?

High Touch specializes in enabling businesses to be successful in a remote work environment by providing comprehensive technology products, services, and support. Contact us today to learn more.

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