Hosted Solutions

Are you interested in moving your business to the cloud? High Touch Technologies can help you determine if a hosted solution is the right choice for you. As a technology solutions provider, High Touch offers support for all aspects of cloud-based IT, including:

  • Virtual servers. Employ flexible, scalable, and portable server options with limited upfront hardware costs or infrastructure requirements.
  • Virtual desktop. Manage and deliver customized desktops to individual users with shared hardware.
  • Data backup. Provide secure, regularly backed up data storage that’s accessible anytime, anywhere. Requires limited infrastructure and can serve as a failsafe if a physical disaster, like a fire or hurricane, destroys your business.
  • Office 365. As a Microsoft P-Seller, High Touch specializes in providing cloud-based Microsoft solutions, including Office 365.
  • Colocation. House your mission critical business servers in a secured, temperature-controlled facility.
  • Consulting. High Touch can help your business determine how and if to migrate your IT solutions to the cloud.
  • Phone systems. Host your phone system offsite, integrating collaborative features like instant messaging, call analytics, and click-to-call functionality.
  • Microsoft Dynamics. Migrate your on-premise Microsoft Dynamics services to a safe and secure cloud-based solution.
Hosted Solutions

Are Hosted Solutions Right for My Business?

If your business is considering migrating to a hosted solution, High Touch can help you make the correct choices. Modern cloud-based solutions offer flexible, low-cost, and secure options to manage your business’s IT.


With Hosted solutions, you can get your work done anywhere, anytime. Cloud-based solutions easily allow you to scale your IT solutions as your business grows without painful capital expenditures.


Cloud-based solutions can offer affordable alternatives to on-site solutions. You no longer have to foot the bill to buy, maintain, and house hardware. As your business grows, you can efficiently add more resources as you need them. However, by forfeiting hardware ownership, you decrease your ability to control how your resources are used and stored.


With hosted solutions, security is a big concern. Handing over important, sensitive data to a third party can be unnerving. However, modern cloud-based solutions are engineered with security in mind. Hosted solutions manage regular security updates for you. In addition, an offsite storage solution safely backs up your files in case a physical disaster strikes your office.

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High Touch offers hosted and on-premise IT Solutions, including Remote IT Management, and Phone Systems.

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