When it comes to Security Solutions, it’s difficult to find an out-of-the-box solution that can protect your entire business. We’re talking about an all-encompassing solution: cybersecurity, physical security, surveillance, and data security—protecting the people and technology that are essential to keeping your business running.

Premade solutions might seem like an easy, one-stop way to keep your business safe. However, they often lack the complex, customizable details that are necessary in a corporate setting. When choosing how to keep your business safe, consider a personalized security solution that keeps every aspect of your business covered.

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  • Cybersecurity. One hacker can destroy your company’s hard-earned reputation overnight with the right tools. Adopt a proactive, advanced threat protection security solution with High Touch to defend your business.
  • Surveillance. Trust a High Touch-engineered surveillance solution to protect you, your employees, and your property. Solutions offer theft prevention, evidence of theft or vandalism, and much more.
  • Access Control. Regulate who can pass through or enter certain areas of your business. Access control gives you the best in physical business security, including emergency evacuation and mustering, employee safety, event management, facility security, threat alert, and state-of-the-art building control system integration.
  • Website Security. When you choose High Touch to host your website, you get multilayered security protection. High Touch also takes daily website backups and maintains seven days of backup storage.
  • Data Backup. Safely store important company files, documents, and data. High Touch offers cloud-based and on premise solutions for image and file backup.

We Keep Your Business Safe.

High Touch provides Consulting services to help businesses discover, engineer, and implement the perfect Security Solution. Through Consulting, we can also identify and complete Special Projects to integrate Security Solutions with existing business technology solutions like Remote IT Management and Phone Systems.

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