Special Projects

Don’t reprioritize your long-term business goals for short-term projects. Instead, let High Touch Technologies help. Certain IT projects, like setting up wireless networks, require additional resources temporarily. With over 30 years of experience providing business technology solutions, High Touch removes the risk of making a bad hire from the equation.

As experts in IT Solutions, High Touch has the knowledge to complete complicated IT projects from start to finish. We can step in at any point during the process to plan, build, and complete IT-related business projects.

Servers and workstations

Experts in security, system performance, enterprise user administration, and software help set up and configure your devices.


We design and configure complete technology infrastructure solutions, including wireless networks, with an emphasis on security, speed, and dependability.


High Touch audits your existing technology infrastructure to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) and optimize your return on investment (ROI).

Data backup

Safely store important company files, documents, and data. High Touch offers cloud-based and on-premise solutions for image and file backup.


Purchase, upgrade, and replace company hardware and IT infrastructure to make sure your business is running efficiently, securely, and dependably.

Phone systems

Modern telephony incorporates cutting-edge technology and powerful features that supercharge communications. High Touch specializes in cloud/hosted, hybrid, and on-premise phone systems.

Cost and Benefits

As a full-service technology solutions partner, High Touch works with your company to understand its needs and offer personalized, dependable solutions.

Partnering with High Touch to complete special projects has many attractive advantages:

  • Cost. High Touch can function as your comprehensive IT solution provider, which can offset the cost of hiring employees to complete short-term projects. Likewise, High Touch’s years of experience can help you execute cost-effective hardware, software, licensing, and security solutions.
  • Security. High Touch executes security best practices when completing special projects.
  • Support. As a full-service IT company, High Touch can incorporate a wide-range of experts to ensure we complete your project successfully.
  • Dependability. With over 30 years of experience, High Touch is a qualified IT resource with a proven record of customer success.
  • Scalability. High Touch can complete projects from a single professional service to enterprise-wide IT system overhaul.
  • Flexibility. We can complete projects for any-sized company in any industry.