Have you ever heard someone utter the phrase, “Ugh! Computers hate me!”? Maybe you’ve said the phrase before yourself.

The goal of technology is to make your everyday tasks easier and more efficient. However, we’ve all experienced times where it feels like our technology is working against us. To help make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of common technology complaints and paired them with solutions that will help you fall in love with your tech all over again.

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I Love My Phone System, but Hate Managing Multiple Locations.

It’s hard to imagine running a business without a phone system. If your business has multiple locations, managing the phone systems, providers, and support can be challenging.

Did you know that with a cloud-based phone system, many of the frustrations associated with managing an enterprise-sized phone system disappear? With a cloud-based phone system, you receive the following benefits:

  • Single provider. You’ll no longer have to worry about managing different phone providers for multiple nationwide locations. A cloud-based phone system can be a single solution for your entire business.
  • Limited hardware. This means minimal hardware and installation costs. Plus, you’ll get the opportunity to free up space in that overcrowded equipment closet.
  • Simple maintenance. You’ll have less to worry about. In most cases, the phone system provider is responsible for the system’s maintenance and security.
  • Easy call routing. Since all of your phones are on the same system with the same provider, routing calls is simple.
  • Possible reduction in long-distance charges. Many businesses see a decrease in long-distance call charges, depending on their current phone system plan and the one they migrate to.
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I Love My Custom Software, but Hate That It’s Outdated.

How old is the software your company operates on? Did you jump on the bandwagon 25 years ago and develop a custom software solution that’s still integral to your business today?

Stating that technology changes quickly is an understatement. However, with the right custom software solution you can vastly improve your productivity, employee satisfaction, and ultimately, your bottom line. As an example, see how High Touch helped Delta Dental of Kansas boost efficiency by updating their legacy software solution to one that’s more modern.

To complete the project, High Touch supplied a business analyst to investigate and provide workflow improvement advice, updated the software’s code to a modern language, and engineered a new front-end interface.

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I Love Having the Newest Technology Solutions, but Hate Dealing With Multiple Providers.

The days of running to the closest big box store to grab equipment for your business are long gone. Without the proper research and knowledge, you can end up with a mismatched, incompatible, and inefficient technology solution that brings more frustration than success.

The results are similar when you employ multiple companies to install and support the different pieces of your technology infrastructure. Will your phone provider work with your IT support and hardware supplier to ensure everything integrates correctly? Do you know which party to contact when something goes wrong with the system?

High Touch completes special projects for companies looking for the most efficient full-scale technology solutions on the market.

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I Love that My Business Has an Online Presence, but Hate Keeping up With It.

Who still uses the yellow pages to look for businesses? Now, you unlock your smartphone, head to Google, and type in what you’re looking for. Then, you’re presented with a list of options with phone numbers, addresses, and contact information.

Have you ever found that the information revealed by Google is outdated? Imagine driving to a business and finding out it’s closed. Or, attempting to call a business only to find out that the phone number doesn’t exist. Are you going to go through the trouble of tracking down the right information, or are you going find the business with the next-best review and head there instead?

If your contact information is incorrect for any location on any platform, you’re harming your business when potential customers can’t find you. Business Listings Management services ensure your business contact information is correct for hundreds of internet-based locations, including websites, applications, GPS services, voice assistants, and social media platforms.

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Does Your Business Rely on Technology You Love to Hate?

Contact High Touch, and we’ll engineer a way to help you fall in love with your technology all over again.

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