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Employee Spotlight: Alejandro Navarrete

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As a Systems Engineer, Alejandro does a ton of heavy lifting for our customer-facing technology projects—and he’s no stranger to heavy lifting. His first job? Working for a pancake mix company, carrying 50-pound sacks of flour, sugar, and other things for 8 hours straight.

Thankfully, unlike his first job, Alejandro has been with us for more than two days! Growing up, Alejandro knew he was interested in technology, not hauling sacks of flour. Eventually, he made his way here.

Alejandro NavarreteAlejandro’s position requires hours of hands-on, on-site work with clients, which sometimes takes him to some pretty cool places. Do you know that shiny new baseball stadium in Wichita we’ve talked about? Alejandro has been essential in configuring, installing, and supporting the technology used to run the whole operation.

“Technology Chose Me.”

In his position, Alejandro works primarily on network services and projects with clients. Typically, he tackles projects like configuring and installing firewalls, managing wi-fi access points and controllers, and troubleshooting network-related issues. As he puts it, “Basically, anything that will allow anyone to access the internet efficiently, and most importantly securely.”

Ever since he was young, Alejandro had his finger on the mouse when it came to technology. “I like what I do. From the beginning, I always wanted to be good in technology and helping people understand how everything works,” states Alejandro. When he was older, he built a career out of it. “I always had a thing for technology. Growing up in the 90s allowed me to witness the rapid change in technology, and gave me many experiences.”

Building a Career and a Stadium

Alejandro has played a huge, on-deck role in High Touch’s technology partnership with the Wichita Riverfront Stadium.

“Since I learned about the project, I was excited and motivated,” he states. “Also, I am a bit competitive and like to excel at everything I do.” Working on a challenging, large-scale project in the public arena allowed him to thrive.

Alejandro spends a good chunk of his time physically planted at the stadium, providing on-site technology expertise and services to the Wichita Wind Surge. “Not only did I get to partake on such an amazing feat for the city of Wichita, but also, I get to configure, install, and support it,” states Alejandro.

Providing A Service to the Community

Working as a Systems Engineer, Alejandro gets the opportunity to work with many different companies in the Wichita community. Not only does he get to perform a service, but he gets to educate others about the benefits of technology and how to use it properly. This service goes beyond installing and using technology. As Alejandro states, “We get to illustrate to our customers how to use technology to achieve more at work in their relationships to be more successful, happier, and rewarding.”

Get to Know Alejandro

As part of our Employee Spotlight interview, we ask a series of lighthearted questions to highlight the unique, diverse personalities that make our High Touch team great. Alejandro is #teamhotdogisNOTasandwich, has a pet parakeet, and would rather give dessert than his phone.

If you could move to any other High Touch market, which one would you choose?


If you could jump into a pool of anything of your choosing, what would you fill it with?

Cherry Jell-O.

Is a hot dog a sandwich?


Who or where would you haunt if you were a ghost?

I would haunt a theme park like Disney or Six Flags. More chance to scare people as they have fun.

Does a cyclops wink or blink?


What’s something you wish you could automate?


What’s your favorite mobile app or website?

That would be a tough one. I don’t have a favorite, but I do gaming and article reading.Alejandro Navarrete' spirit animal would be an eagle

Do you have any pets or kids?

I have two daughters, Kathlene and Talia. I also have a parakeet named Cutie.

What’s the most awkward things you do on a regular basis?

Even though I do not have a good singing voice, I like singing pretty much everywhere.

What’s your spirit animal and why?

I think it will be the eagle. I’m loyal, independent, and a risk-taker, but I also like to fly away solo from time to time.

Would you rather go 30 days without your phone or three months with no dessert?

No dessert is fine with me. Not sure I can last a week without my phone.

Do you have any superstitions?

I carry one $2 USD, one $50 MXN, and 1 $100 PHP as superstition that I’ll never truly be out of money.

You’ve been given an elephant. You can’t give it away or sell it. What would you do with the elephant?

I will probably use him to give elephant rides to my kids.

Bringing the Human Touch to Technology.

Thank you, Alejandro, for everything you do for High Touch!

To learn about the solutions and services provided by High Touch and technology experts like Alejandro, check out our IT Solutions line of business.

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