The new year is a fantastic opportunity to adopt new technology and find ways to better your business. Do you have any tech goals for 2019? We do, and here’s how we plan to tackle them.

Stay Connected

You spend a lot of time over the holiday season spending time with the people (and clients) you care about most.

When the new year rolls around, we’re hard at work, trying to accomplish all of our new goals for the year. After the holidays, with a steady focus on goals, it can be difficult to stay in contact with the people who matter most. Relationships are important, and there are many ways in which technology can help you connect with friends, family, and clients throughout the entire year.

  • Video Conferencing. Don’t let distance rob you of a productive, face-to-face meeting. Video conferencing can help you stay productive, reduce travel costs, and maintain business relationships.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software. Turn prospects into happy clients with new CRM software.
  • Website Development. Is your website communicating your business’s services the way it should? Make sure you’re reaching the right audience.
  • Phone Systems. Is your phone system keeping you in contact with the people who matter most? Have you considered a cloud-based phone system for your business?

Interested in a Cloud Phone System?

We’re hosting a webinar on Wednesday, January 9, 2019 to answer your questions and help you determine if a cloud-based phone system is the right choice for your business.

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Blast Off to the Cloud

Cloud-based phone systems are just the start. Cloud-based solutions offer flexibility, affordability, and security for any sized business in any industry. High Touch specializes in a number of cloud-based solutions to help your business grow in 2019, including:

  • Virtual servers. Employ flexible, scalable, and portable server options with limited upfront hardware costs or infrastructure requirements.
  • Virtual desktop. Manage and deliver customized desktops to individual users with shared hardware.
  • Data backup. Provide secure, regularly backed up data storage that’s accessible anytime, anywhere. Requires limited infrastructure and can serve as a failsafe if a physical disaster, like a fire or hurricane, destroys your business.
  • Office 365. As a Microsoft P-Seller, High Touch specializes in providing cloud-based Microsoft solutions, including Office 365.
  • Colocation. House your mission critical business servers in a secured, temperature-controlled facility.
  • Consulting. High Touch can help your business determine how and if to migrate your IT solutions to the cloud.
  • Phone systems. Host your phone system offsite, integrating collaborative features like instant messaging, call analytics, and click-to-call functionality.
  • Microsoft Dynamics. Migrate your on-premise Microsoft Dynamics services to a safe and secure cloud-based solution.

Freshen Up Your Hardware

Odds are, there are some pieces of hardware hanging around your office that are ready for an upgrade. Technology evolves quickly. In a year’s time, companies release new hardware with advancements in features, security, and functionality. Don’t let your hardware make your company fall behind.

To determine if your business is ready for a hardware upgrade, or to figure out if you’re ready for new hardware all together, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it cheaper to upgrade my current hardware, or is it more cost effective to buy new hardware all together?
  • Will new hardware allow me to install new productivity features that weren’t compatible with my old hardware?
  • If I upgrade my hardware, will it void my current warranty?

High Touch can help you analyze your current technology hardware and help you determine if your business is ready for an upgrade

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