Naughty or NiceWhile you might have a long list of technology wants and needs going into the New Year, you should consider if you’ve been naughty or nice when it comes to your business technology.

IT Solutions or Just IT Fixes?

Patch working your IT infrastructure can definitely get you on the naughty list. What may seem cost-effective at the time can turn into an expensive nightmare.

What do we mean by a patch worked IT infrastructure?

Instead of constructing a cohesive IT network from the beginning, many business opt to add on as they go, working with different vendors and products as technology advances. The problem is, technology grows quickly—some tech companies come and go just as fast. If your business isn’t focused on a comprehensive IT infrastructure, you can end up with the following:

  • Incompatible hardware
  • Inefficient network
  • Cybersecurity flaws
  • Unsupported hardware and software

So, what puts me back on the nice list?

Opt for a complete High Touch IT Solution.

Think about it. Toyota doesn’t design a vehicle expecting BMW to build the engine, then have Ford install the doors. Sure, different manufacturers build different internal components, but in the big picture, Toyota engineers the vehicle starting when the sketches leave the design table to when the vehicle rolls off the assembly line.

So, why don’t most companies treat their IT infrastructure with the same kind of cohesiveness? With a complete, custom IT solution, you get the most complete system for your dollar. Benefits of a custom IT solution include:

  • Dependability
  • Security
  • Efficiency
  • Functionality

Off-the-Shelf Software Is Fine, Right?

Just because software exists doesn’t mean it’s the right solution for your business. Integrating new software is challenging. Trying to make something work that’s not necessarily the perfect choice for your business can make integrating off-the-shelf software even more difficult.

Choosing off-the-shelf software that isn’t the ideal choice for your business will land you on the naughty list.

Consider the reasons why you need new software. Are you reliant on a custom software solution that fell behind over time? Has your business grown or changed rendering your old software basically useless?

It may be time to consider custom software development.

With Custom Software Development you’re guaranteed to get a solution that works perfectly for your business, since it’s custom engineered with your goals in mind.

Keep in mind that custom software doesn’t always have to be engineered from scratch. It can be as simple as inserting a line of code to properly integrate an off-the-shelf solution with your current workflow or as advanced as updating 20-year-old COBOL code to a modern language.

High Touch has been in the custom software business for over 30 years. Over time, our engineers have demonstrated the ability to create dependable software for just about every industry. Learn more about High Touch’s Custom Development.

Owning Your Domain

Do you know who is responsible for your website domain? Many businesses don’t. That’ll get you on the technology naughty list quickly.

Domain Management is a service that might seem easy after a quick Google search, but it requires a level of industry expertise to truly understand. Oftentimes, it’s difficult to determine which domains you should buy. Even further, many business have trouble figuring out how to safely purchase a domain if it’s already owned.

In the end, domain management comes down to keeping your business and your customers safe. DNS changes and SSL certificates should be an essential part of your business’s security. If one of your SSL certificates expires, your website visitors will be warned that your website is potentially unsafe—that’s not the type of first impression you want to make.

What’s in a Phone System?

There are so many options out there when it comes to phone systems, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

When you’re exploring a crowded market, oftentimes people choose what they’re familiar with or settle for the first option they think will fit their business. That’s naughty.

As an integral part of any business communications strategy, your phone system should help you maximize your business efficiencies. Each type of phone system has characteristics that help your business communicate more effectively—the perfect phone system depends on your business’s size, goals, and resources:

  • On-Premise. A phone system that’s completely housed in your own building, including common equipment units, phone system cabinets, servers, and central processing units.
  • VoIP. An internet-based phone system powered by a broadband connection. High Touch offers hosted and on-premise VoIP phone systems.
  • Cloud. A complete, off-site hosted phone system that offers similar features to on-premise and VoIP phone systems.

Having an expert that understands your business goals help you find the perfect phone system will get you right on the nice list. Learn more about determining the proper phone system for your business.

Don’t Settle for Inadequate Security

Vandals? Naughty list.

Thieves? Naughty list.

Malicious hackers? Definitely on the naughty list.

Not having an adequate security solution can also put you on the naughty list.

High Touch helps business create custom security solutions to help protect every facet of your business. A complete security solution protects your business from three angles:

  • Cybersecurity. Protect your IT network with firewalls, endpoint protection, email security, user education, and data backup.
  • Surveillance. Protect you, your employees, and your property.
  • Access control. Protect your business by regulating who can pass through or enter certain areas of your business.

Afraid of Ending up on the Naughty List This Year?

High Touch can help your business improve its technology and get back on the nice list.

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