Toshiba Phones System Add-on Sales End October 31 2020It seems like just yesterday that Mitel announced they were acquiring Toshiba’s telecommunications division. Surprisingly, that announcement came over three years ago. Can you believe it? Last October, Mitel began phasing out new Toshiba phone system sales. On October 31, 2020, Mitel will end add-on sales to Toshiba telecommunications systems.

We know the term “add-on sales” can be confusing. Here, we illustrate what qualifies as an add-on sale and what your business can do to prepare for Toshiba’s phone system end of support date in 2021.

What Qualifies as an Add-On Sale?

When add-on sales end, Toshiba phone systems will be essentially trapped in time. Support will continue through October 31, 2021; however, you won’t be able to make any additions to your phone system licensing or hardware.


You will not be able to purchase additional licensing for your Toshiba phone system. This includes additional users, mailboxes, and ACD agents.


You will no longer be able to purchase Toshiba phone system hardware from an authorized dealer. Hardware, such as phones and cards, will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. With last-minute demand and decreasing supply, Toshiba hardware stock could expire before the official end of add-on sales. After October 31, 2020, we may be able to locate refurbished hardware through aftermarket vendors; however, prepare for demand and pricing to be high.

Can I Keep My Current Toshiba Phone System?

In short, yes, you can keep your Toshiba phone system until the end of support date on October 31, 2021. With the end of add-on sales, your phone system will be unscalable, less efficient, and more expensive to maintain.

While we will be able to continue supporting Toshiba phone systems, you will not be able to add new licensing or hardware. From a business prospective, this can restrict future business growth and leave you with an antiquated, unusable phone system. Similarly, if your Toshiba phone system hardware breaks, it will be difficult and expensive to replace. New and replacement parts for Toshiba phone systems will no longer be available, except through third-party manufacturers and providers.

If you plan to utilize your Toshiba phone system through the product’s end of support date, it is imperative you purchase all licensing and hardware you will need for the next year before the end of add-on sales date. For more information, contact us.

What Are My Options After October 31, 2020?

After the Toshiba phone system end of add-on sales date, you have two options:

Keep your existing phone system

You can keep using your existing Toshiba phone system safely until the end of support date on October 31, 2021. If you decide to choose this option, we recommend purchasing additional licenses and hardware to prepare for your growth and maintenance needs over the next year. After the end of support date, High Touch will be able only be able to service remaining Toshiba systems to a limited degree, which means we may not have the resources available for escalated support or hardware, software, and licensing needs.

Special pricing may be available for qualified orders placed before add-on sales end on October 31, 2020.

Upgrade your phone system

It’s a smart decision to replace your Toshiba phone system. At most, your Toshiba phone system has one year of life left. When support for the system ends in 2021, you’ll be scrambling to maintain your phone system on your own. This can leave your business vulnerable to potential security risks. If your phone system goes down, you’re stuck making your own repairs.

Likewise, as time goes on, replacement parts will be more difficult to purchase. This will increase the overall cost of your phone system. You’ll also have to deal with third-party manufacturers and suppliers, which may leave you with incompatible equipment.

If you are a current Toshiba phone system customer, you may qualify for special pricing to upgrade to a new phone system through our Toshiba Trade In/Trade Up promotion. Our product experts can provide a consultation to help determine the best solution for your business. Contact us to learn more.

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What’s the Next Step for Your Business?

As your Business Communications partner, High Touch can help you prepare your business for Toshiba’s end of add-on phone system sales. Whether you need to purchase equipment and licensing to maintain your current phone system for the next year, or if you’re ready to start exploring your phone system upgrade options, contact us.

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