5 Best VoIP Phones for Business
Are you considering a new phone system for your business? Are you interested in the mobility and productivity features offered by VoIP systems? Then, you’ve come to the right place.

Many of us are focusing on how to successfully enable a remote workforce, whether it’s permanently, temporarily, part-time, or full-time. How can you ensure your business has the communication platform to keep conversations going? VoIP phone systems are the first big step.

To start preparing for this project, you need to determine which type of VoIP phone solution is best for your business. Choosing between a hosted, cloud-based solution or purchasing an on-premise system that you own directly at your business is the first decision you need to make. This article focuses on the decision to implement your own, on-premise VoIP solution.

Once you’re set on implementing an on-premise VoIP phone system, you need to choose a provider and the actual handsets you’d like to use for your business. Here, we’ve outlined our favorite VoIP platforms and handsets to help you choose the right VoIP phone system for your business.

Why VoIP Phone Systems?

2020 has been the year of remote work. Many of us have had workplaces disrupted by coronavirus concerns. With the workplace shifting from the office to remote, there’s been a huge focus on better support for remote workers.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems are internet-based voice delivery systems powered by a broadband connection. Which means, if you have an internet connection, you can make and receive calls. Likewise, you’re not tethered to a landline or office-based number—you can take your phone and extension with you wherever you go, as long as you have an internet connection.

VoIP phone systems offer the same benefits as traditional digital on-premise PBX phone systems, with added mobility and productivity features, including:

  • Audio, web, and video conferencing
  • Desktop and web collaboration applications
  • Integrated instant messaging
  • Mobile phone call forwarding
  • Desktop and mobile softphone
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5 Best VoIP Phones for Businesses

For businesses working remotely or on-premise, we’ve selected our five favorite VoIP phones from Mitel and Panasonic to help improve your communications. Our favorites include the Mitel 6900 series IP phones and Panasonic’s NT600 series phones.

Mitel 6900 Series

The Mitel 6900 Series provides IP phones designed to support a mobile-first workforce. Directing the focus to mobile phone calls and productivity applications, these phones give users the tools they need to be successful.

Most Mitel 6900 series phones pair directly with cell phones via a Bluetooth interface. Using this interface, the desk phone and mobile phone easily share features and data. These phones also provide crystal-clear phone audio and a catalog of accessories, such as headsets and directories, to customize the phones depending on your business’s needs.

Note: These Mitel phones and features are specific to the Mitel MiVoice Business platform. Contact us to learn more.

Mitel 6920

Mitel 6920 phoneThe Mitel 6920 phone is an excellent entry-level choice when it comes to VoIP phone systems. Featuring a 3.5-inch QVGA display, this phone includes a speech optimized corded headset and programmable personal and context-sensitive hotkeys. The Mitel 6920 can support headsets and accessories via the built-in USB port, as well as more traditional headsets through native electronic hookswitch support.

Mitel 6930

Mitel 6930 phoneMitel’s 6930 phone offers powerful features to help enable remote and on-premise users. With a 4.3-inch color display, you can easily navigate through your contacts and features. With up to six pages of 12 programmable electronic keys, the Mitel 6930 model supports up to 72 buttons that you can customize with features, one-touch extension keys and speed dials. This phone also supports Bluetooth 4.1 for easy mobile device integration. Pair your mobile phone to your desk phone to access your mobile contacts and ring your mobile phone calls on your desk phone. Additionally, the 6930 includes a USB charging port for mobile devices and USB accessory support.

The Mitel 6930 is highly customizable based on your business’s needs. The system includes a corded handset with optional support for a Bluetooth cordless handset if desired. For improved functionality, this phone also contains an enhanced full-duplex speakerphone and programmable personal and context-sensitive soft keys.

Mitel 6940

Mitel 6940 phoneAre you in the market for an executive-level desktop and mobile communication tool? The Mitel 6940 phone is the Cadillac of desktop phone systems.

Featuring a 7-inch full-color LCD touch display, the Mitel 6940 includes support for Bluetooth 4.1, mobile integration, a mobile phone charging port, and a cordless Bluetooth speech-optimized handset. For optimal call quality, the Mitel 6940 comes equipped with an enhanced, full-duplex speakerphone. Additionally, the Mitel 6940 phone is highly customizable with a broad array of add-on accessories, including programmable personal and context-sensitive soft keys. With six pages of 16 programmable touchscreen keys, the Mitel 6940 model supports up to 96 buttons, customizable with features, one-touch extension keys, and speed dials.

Panasonic NT600 Series

The NT600 is Panasonic’s next-generation communication tool.

With integrated HD audio, flexible function keys, and SRTP support for secure communications, the Panasonic NT600 series is an excellent choice for businesses looking to upgrade their on-premise phone system while simultaneously enabling their workforce to work remotely.

The phones in Panasonic’s NT600 series are available in black or white to match your office décor. They’re also available with optional AC adaptors and wall mount kits.

Note: These Panasonic phones and features are specific to the Panasonic NS platform. Contact us to learn more.

Panasonic NT630

Panasonic NT630 phoneThe Panasonic NT630 is the more budget-friendly option of the NT600 series, but the phone is still packed with features for the modern business. Panasonic’s NT630 phone features a 6-line monochrome backlit LCD. Additionally, the phone includes 24 flexible function keys.

Panasonic NT680

Panasonic NT680 phoneThe higher-end model of the NT600 series, the Panasonic NT680, features a 480×272 pixel full-color TFT LCD. You can fully customize the display, including adding your company logo. The NT680 includes 48 (12×4) flexible function keys and built-in Bluetooth.

We Help Improve Communications.

Whether it’s on-premise or cloud-based, we can help you choose the right VoIP phone system for your business. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about our Mitel and Panasonic phone systems, including information about pricing, features, and implementations. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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