Rodriguez Announced as Member of Advance Kansas Class XII

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Cesario RodriguezCesario Rodriguez, Human Resources Manager at High Touch Technologies, has been announced as a member of the 12th Advance Kansas class.

About Advance Kansas

The Advance Kansas program, offered through Butler Community College, “brings together people who are already leaders from across the community to create and strengthen relationships and acquire skills for addressing diversity challenges and opportunities in business, organizations, and in the community.”

“Advance Kansas is a great opportunity to learn how we can leverage our diversity at High Touch and further our own mission of bringing the human touch to technology,” states Cesario. “As a service provider who works with thousands of clients, demonstrating inclusivity is important for us to be successful.”

The program takes place one full day per month for five months, allowing leaders to have open discussions about diversity, including, “how differences in race, gender, generation, sexual orientation, geographical orientation, culture, knowledge, experience, perception, etc., impact the lives of individuals and organizations and how well-prepared leaders can leverage those differences in support of their mission.”

Advance Kansas Program Nomination

To participate in the program, Cesario completed the Advanced Kansas nomination process. For 2020, 44 business and community leaders were accepted into the program.

Read the Advance Kansas Press Release

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