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WBJ: “Special Report: High Touch’s Derrick Nielsen On How The Pop-Up Park Played A Role In Wichita’s Attraction Of Talent

By September 14, 2020September 16th, 2020No Comments

Recently, the Wichita Business Journal interviewed High Touch’s President and CEO, Derrick Nielsen, following the closing of Wichita’s downtown Pop-Up Park.

The park, which sat in High Touch’s literal HQ backyard for the past 5 years, hosted food trucks and community events for Wichita’s downtown community. In the article, Derrick discusses attracting talent to downtown Wichita, redevelopment of the city’s urban core, and the future of Wichita’s downtown community.

“We’re proud to be a member of the downtown community, and I think downtown plays a really important role in Wichita’s ongoing transformation and enhancement as a place to live and work,” states Derrick. “I think things like the pop-up park are an example of those creative, innovative ideas we should support both as a business and as a community.”

Read the Full Article on the WBJ Website
Pop-Up Park in Downtown Wichita

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