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High Touch Hosts Garden Plain High School Junior Marek Rex

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It’s not every day that you see a high school student walking around the High Touch Technologies headquarters. On Wednesday, December 12, 2018, we had the pleasure of hosting Marek…

Have you been naughty or nice with your technology this year?

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While you might have a long list of technology wants and needs going into the New Year, you should consider if you’ve been naughty or nice when it comes to…

High Touch’s 2018 in Review

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Our mission is to provide the best technology, products, and service to exceed our clients’ expectations, offer meaningful and rewarding careers for our employees, and enrich our community, every day.…

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High Touch History in Wichita

High Touch Technologies has moved a few times since it’s early beginnings before settling in downtown, but it has always called Wichita home.

In 1976, High Touch’s founder, Ted Carey, left Wichita State University’s developing Computer Science program to pursue more lucrative business ventures. Carey had a curious interest in understanding how technology could influence deeper facets of business outside of engineering and science. As his ideas flourished, Carey recruited two of his most brilliant students, Dave Glover and Mark Lenz.

The team recognized a need within the RTO industry to automate inefficient processes and engineered RTO’s most dynamic and reliable full-stack POS system. By working with ABC Rentals to deliver a custom software solution, Carey’s team set the groundwork for a customer-focused software as a service (SaaS) business model.

In 1984, the team incorporated and formed High Touch Technologies, which focused on a platform of providing software, upgrades, and technical support.

Downtown Wichita Building

High Touch continued to grow in the SaaS sector, but also explored avenues to support sustainability and employee growth. In the late 1990’s, High Touch expanded into IT Solutions, offering outsourced IT, data services, backup (cloud and onsite), telephony, virtualization, and video conferencing. High Touch’s SaaS solutions evolved by offering customized software development programs. Some examples include building new platforms and migrating legacy programs to modern systems. Finally, with the foundation in place from its other ventures, High Touch began offering web development and SEO services.

Most recently, High Touch expanded its portfolio by acquiring Great Plains Communications and Associates Solutions, Inc. Through these acquisitions, High Touch added Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), surveillance, and cabling services.

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