IT ConsultingHow much research does a technology vendor do before recommending a specific product to a customer? In our experience, not much. They’re in it for the quick buck, focused on selling customers the newest product with the greatest profit margin that they have readily available in stock.

A technology partnership looks much different. Technology partners focus on building a client-partner relationship versus a customer-vendor relationship. They’re not just selling a product, they’re offering long-term guidance, services, and support that acts as or supplements your in-house technology expertise.

Benefits of a Technology Partnership

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of a technology partnership for your business, instead of a one-time, one-sided shopping experience with a technology vendor? We’ve outlined the direct and indirect benefits a technology partnership offers over a limited customer-vendor experience.

1. Increase Your Business’s Performance Through Increased Employee Performance

If you’ve piecemealed and bootstrapped your technology over time, chances are you’re missing important compatibility and workflow improvement opportunities. Technology is a tool that should help employees do their jobs better. Hardware, software, networks, websites, and phone systems, can all work hand-in-hand when properly integrated.

2. Reduce Risks

Technology failure poses a huge risk for your business.

A technology partner is an expert you can trust. According to Security Magazine, “An estimated two million cyberattacks in 2018 resulted in more than $45 billion in losses worldwide as local governments struggled to cope with ransomware and other malicious incidents.”

Googling reviews for your next personal laptop is all fine and dandy. Googling the best workstations, cybersecurity solutions, phone systems, and data storage needs for a 150-person organization is a different story.

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3. Purchase Equipment Honestly, More Efficiently, With Greater Insight

Anyone can drive to a technology retailer or big box store and pick up a laptop. Googling “best business laptop” will return millions of results in less than a second. Once you have a list, you can continue googling until the end of time, reading reviews and comparing pricing until you’ve convinced yourself that you’ve made the correct decision.

Or, you can save time and let the experts, who have experience purchasing and implementing equipment and networks for businesses, provide the recommendations to you.

Technology partners provide equipment as part of a consultative relationship. They want to provide the best equipment for your needs and budget. A technology partner won’t force you into an overpowered piece of equipment or network that you don’t need, or try to sell you something underpowered that will ultimately fail your business.

4. Expand Your Technology Expertise

Not every company can afford to have CIO, CTO, Engineering, Developer, and Technical expert knowledge in-house. The right technology partner should complement and broaden your company’s existing technical knowledge.

Moreover, a technology partner should love the opportunity to work with and learn from your internal IT team, if you have one.

How To Choose A Technology Partner

5. Greater Access to IT Support

office desk with technologyPaying employees to support your business’s technology internally 24/7, 365 days per year is expensive. Maybe it’s easier for you to rely on an outsourced IT support team, or maybe, your internal IT team needs help during a busy season. We’ve even experienced situations where the Director of IT or CIO is stuck answering run-of-the-mill help desk questions when they should be freed up to focus on larger, more relevant challenges

With a technology partner, you’ll have greater access to experienced technical support when you need it. High Touch can offer U.S.–based support 24/7/365 as part of a technology partnership.

6. Discover New Technology Solutions

The technology landscape changes quickly. Do you have time to dedicate to your business and constantly research technology?

A technology provider can help keep your business’s technology relevant and help you uncover new technology solutions. More importantly, a technology provider can help you see through fads in technology and ensure that new purchases are relevant for your business for the long haul.

Are You Interested in Exploring How a Technology Partnership Can Benefit Your Business?

Your business has unique technology needs to be met and exciting opportunities to improve through technology. Does a partnership sound like the right solution for your business?

Contact us to learn how a technology partnership with High Touch can help make things easier for your business.

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